Online car insurance gives you the opportunity to do all of your administrative procedure with a few clicks without even going to your agency. Thanks to this, you can even ask for a subscription application from your couch if you want, and receive answers to your questions online. With online car insurance, everything is faster than in your agency. Financially speaking, the insurer offers you a better price-quality ratio than classic agencies. The services provided by the online insurance company is equivalent (sometimes better) than your current insurer.
How To Choose Your Online Car Insurance? cat-7 main

What are the criteria for choosing an online car insurance?

For choosing wisely your online car insurance, it is important to keep in mind what's your profile, what are your needs, what are your habits... Knowing these things will help you not to have any bad surprise. When you subscribe, the price isn't the only thing to pay attention to. Some online insurances include assistance and vehicle loan services in case of a breakdown on the road or at home, and others only offer insurances on the outside parts of your vehicle. In addition, your online car insurance will also depend on the conditions of your car. You will have the choice between the third party insurance (for low value cars) and the comprehensive insurance (for cars with a medium/high value). Keep in mind that the third party insurance doesn't cover the damage in case of an accident, robberies, vandalism or fire (you need to pay an extra to get these covers). On the other hand, the comprehensive insurance fully covers your car, as well about the civil liability as about the damage inflicted during a crash.

Subscribing to an online car insurance: how does it work?

Your subscription is done through the phone with a consultant or on internet. You'll have to give some information about you such as: your vehicle's information, your previous car insurance contracts and your contact details. All this information will immediately be sent to your current insurer, right after you pay the new insurer subscription fees.

The pros and cons of the online car insurance

The pros: - Purchase insurance at any time: gone are the days when the only time you could purchase insurance was between 9 and 5. - No need to wait for insurance documents: online car insurance proofs are available at the point of purchase. - Quick answers to your insurance questions online: most of the websites have a 24/7 customer support. - Potential savings: buying an online insurance should save you money since the insurance company does not have to pay an agent (a middleman). The cons: - you must call a phone number to speak with someone: calling a live person can be really long and boring (automated system, waiting on hold...), but never underestimate its importance when it comes to your car insurance. - You need to be your own insurance expert: you'll have to do your own research. If you want to be advised by a professional, you'll have to call the online insurance company's 800 number (previous point). You do not have an assigned agent so you'll probably speak with a different person every time you call. To understand your coverage, you'll spend lots of time doing research about insurance information, so be prepared. - No help filing a claim: many insurance agents file claims for their clients. With an online car insurance company, you will have to file a claim on your own. - It's better to be computer savvy: if you are not comfortable on the computer, do not even think about buying insurance online. Let an agent do the work for you.  

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