When you get older, your needs change, including your car insurance. It's sometimes difficult to find one adapted and not too expensive. Here is some advice to help you choose your car insurance as a senior citizen.

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Seniors: considered as a risky category of people by insurances It's often tough for seniors to ask for a car insurance because companies consider them as more accident-prone than other drivers. Their state of health changes: vision, hearing reflexes... In addition to that, seniors' bodies are weaker and more prone to injuries.All these factors discourage insurance companies who see seniors as a synonym of high costs. You're considered a senior from your 50's until your 80's and beyond. In your 50's, you're considered the safest bet because you're still in good shape and have a lot of driving experience. So the car insurance is cheaper than the others. In your 60's, you will pay the same as the previous group, but when you reach 65 years old, things get complicated. Some insurers raise the prices and sometimes it's more interesting to change insurance. 70 is the age, according to studies, when people start to have more accidents. As a result, insurances have higher rates for people in their seventies. At 80 and more, risks of accidents are really serious with people starting to be really weak. Insurances rates can be insanely high at this age. You can always negotiate your contract by going to see your GP who will make you an aptitude certificate, really appreciated by insurance companies.
Seniors : How to Choose Your Car Insurance cat-4 main
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Chosing an insurance adapted to your needs  With life expectancy increasing in more and more countries, senior drivers are a more important group, and insurance companies tend to adapt their offers. Some are more flexible, with no aptitude certificate needed and no discrimination after the age of 70, but also guarantees pretty much similar offers as the ones given to younger drivers. It is really important to compare insurers to see what offer would be best for you but also to choose the best offer for your needs. Wether you don't drive that often, you live in the city or have two cars as a couple, there is always a best option to choose, to pay less and be better insured.
Seniors : How to Choose Your Car Insurance cat-4 main
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Tips for saving
  • You should always inform your insurance company if you're driving less than before. They might have rates depending on the mileage, or some pay-as-you-drive insurance might even be more interesting depending on your situation.
  • You can always go back to a few driving classes to improve your driving, sometimes it's good as a reminder for some rules!
  • Take some useful options when you buy a car such as rearview cameras or collision warning system. It's useful and will make your rate a little bit lower sometimes !
  If you're starting to get lost, losing concentration or having troubles to see clearly for example, you should quit driving for your own safety. But if it's not the time yet, keep hitting the road and be safe !

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