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Teenagers often don't have enough to buy their own car and its insurance when they are just starting driving. So who's going to help? Parents ! The thing is that they can't drive your car like this without any insurance, so you have to add them on yours. Here are some tips for the (worried) parents just about to let their teenagers hitting the road with their cars.

Putting a teenager on your car insurance wil increase your rate as they are more likely to have accidents than other drivers. It increases depending if the teenager is a boy or a girl, and also where you live. To keep this rate as low as possible, there are some tips to know. Choose a car that is cheap to insure and safe as well Generally and logically, it's more expensive to insure expensive cars. And with the high risk of accidents for new drivers, it's safer to give them a cheap, old but safe car to drive first. To avoid the high premiums, buy them an old car or give them yours if you have one. In general, the larger and heavier cars are the safest for young drivers.
What To Do When You Need To Add a Teenage Driver to Your Auto Insurance cat-4 main
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Put curfews and rules It might seems basic but actually makes all the difference. They have their license, but they're still beginners. Spend time with them driving, just to coach them a bit more. Also, they probably will complain about it, but establishing curfews and limiting the number of people they should take in their cars for example is safer for them and wil reduce the costs. Check the discount for teenagers Some insurance companies propose offers for students who get good grades or ones who take driver's education classes. Check all the offers possible and compare to find the most interesting one.
What To Do When You Need To Add a Teenage Driver to Your Auto Insurance cat-4 main
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Keep a clean driving record After a while driving, teenagers will get more and more confidence and this will push them to be less careful on the road. This is not safe for them but also will make your insurance rate increase. Be clear with them on the fact that they always need to respect the rules for the insurance, but first and foremost their own safety. Keep your policy up to date It is advised to review your insurance policy at least once a year, putting accurate information and any new details. When the teenager is 18 or just graduates, you will have to tell your insurance as your rate will drop. Increase your deductible In order to have a lower insurance premium, you should increase your deductible. This is something not really appreciated by people, but it actually makes you save money. You have to tell your teenager to be very very careful because if an accident happens, you'll have to put more money in this case to compensate.

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