What Is The Future For Car Insurances? cat-7 main
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We are living in an era where new technologies are becoming more and more important in our everyday life. Everything is going faster, more connected with the help of our smartphones always improving, but also new technologies linked to our homes such as Alexa by Amazon. These new technologies have a huge and broad impact, even on car insurances. Yes, it seems surprising, but our new gadgets will actually change the car insurance landscape sooner than we expect. Here are the reasons why.

  As we said, everything is becoming smart, now: our phones, our computers and even our houses. All our devices are connected together and that's what is called the Internet Of Things (iOT). Even our cars are connected devices now, doing some automatic manoeuvres or synchronizing with our smartphones. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In a few years, our cars will be able to connect between each other and prevent accidents on the roads or even help us evaluate our driving habits. This latter, also called UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) will be an important change for insurances who will be able to collect information and adapt their offers to each driver. Consumers will also be able to know how much they should really pay for their car insurance.
What Is The Future For Car Insurances? cat-7 main
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Smartphones are also going to have a significant impact on car insurances. 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and pretty much the same phenomenon is happening all around the world. This device gives an access to a broad range of things, including apps. As people are often using their smartphones for literally everything, this is a strategic market for insurers. This will allow them to have a direct contact with their clients, to sell them offers or even talk to them in real time. But this is not expected for very soon as most of the insurance companies still don't see their digital strategy as a priority.
What Is The Future For Car Insurances? cat-7 main
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These changes are related to the era we're living in: the Millenials' one, the generation of ultra connected people using social media and new devices to make their lives easier. This generation wants innovation while being careful about its money. Insurers will have to adapt themselves to them, and that's why insurances tend to evolve with the new technologies. They will also have to be more transparent, facing a more curious new generation. While our insurers will probably turn into robots and our cars will all drive themselves in a few years, the question of privacy regarding these new technology appears. Let's see how the new technologies lead us and if we can progress safely.

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