Tips for the young drivers

Looking for a car insurance when you just got your driving licence is far from being easy. In fact, insurers usually take advantage of young drivers, because they tend to raise the prices when it comes to a car insurance. Here are the things you need to know to get a good car insurance for a good price without being 'scammed'.
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Compare Car Insurance

There are a lot of insurance companies on the market, that's why the supply is really competitive. Comparing the prices will help you make the right choice. When you are going to ask for a quote, make sure to mention you are a young driver and a student. Some insurers offer preferential rates, while others offer family packages. You could benefit from a good price if you take the same insurance as your parents. Insurance prices vary according to many factors, such as the brand of your car, its mileage and its color. Looking for a car insurance can be long and tedious, but it is necessary. Be patient and you will end up finding the best price-quality ratio for your car insurance.

Compare prices, but also warranties

An excess is the amount you must pay towards any claims you make on your policy. Make sure to pay attention to your car insurance excess. If this excess is too low, think twice. Breaking one of your window could be way more expensive than this excess... Read carefully your quote, and don't hesitate to ask your parents about it, they can give you good advice and information.

Tips to reduce the cost of your car insurance as a young driver

- Opt for the supervised driving, this gives more credibility to young drivers. With the supervised driving, most of the insurers think you are more experienced at the wheel. - Try not to buy a sports car. In fact, if you are a young driver and if you have a sports car, your car insurance will be more expensive. Be modest! - Mind the red! People always think about luxury sports car (Ferrari) when it comes to red car paint. We know it sounds weird, but red colored cars are more expensive in the matter of insurance. It is possible to pay 10% more if you car is red. Stay sober and opt for classic colors!

Obeying speed limit as a young driver

Speed is the main cause of car crashes. Young drivers, between 16 and 24, tend to drive fast due to their lack of experience and their recklessness on the road. In 2017, according to a survey from SAAQ, young drivers were involved in 19% of the total personal accidents in Quebec. Alcohol and drugs while driving is a reality. It is important and necessary to have a responsible driving, because a car crash is never far away. Be careful and stay focused on the road while you drive.

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